Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 7th, 1861

To day we are all at work on the mill house. Joe Wright came out and served 2 citations on me returnable to the District Court. weather clear and cool.

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  1. Texas!

    Up! up with the Lone Star banner!
    Its hues are still as bright
    As when its glories braved the breeze
    At San Jacinto's fight;
    Its fluttering folds in glory waved
    O'er many a gory brow;
    The freedom that was conquered then
    Will not be yielded now.

    The honor of that Lone Star Flag
    That floats the blue above,
    Is held as dear by Texan hearts
    As that of her they love;
    And not a stain shall dim its hues
    While yet a man remains
    To save its flower encircled land
    From ignominious chains.

    That banner with the single star,
    Is Freedom's favored sign;
    Beneath its folds unfurled to-day
    Her purest glories shine;
    And in the whirlwind and the storm,
    Amid the crash and jar,
    Her brightest hopes still rest upon
    That Solitary Star.

    CHARLESTON MERCURY, February 7, 1861, p. 4, c. 1


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