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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monday, March 19th, 1866

To day I drove up town and held the election in relation to the corporations tax. The District Court for Liberty County commenced its session. Capt. John W. Redmond came over from Houston on the cars, and stopped at my house. The little woman [Margaret Hall Stewart nee Sharp] drove out after Mrs. Massie who came about dinner time. Ed. Jones and Col. Wrigley are at work at the store house. Weather cloudy and cool with occasional showers of rain.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sunday, March 18th, 1866

To day I drove up town with Col. Wrigley and remained until dinner time when I returned home. The evening I spent at the Warehouse. My cough is better. Weather variable and cool.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saturday, March 17th, 1866

To day I am at work at the warehouse. I loaned my horse and buggy to Mrs. Trowell to drive to Walnut bluff in order to take passage on the Str. Indian No. 2 which boat left Cole's wood yard for Galveston. Roberta [Downes Halyard nee Hall] and the children went out crawfishing. In the evening the little woman [Margaret Hall Stewart nee Sharp] drove out in the buggy and carried Mrs. Massie out home. My cough still continues to improve. Weather clear & cool.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Friday, March 16th, 1866

To day I am at work at the warehouse. Col. Wrigley & family arrived on the cars from Houston. Maj. Bolling still here. Hicks is engaged hauling to the warehouse. The Steamer Ruthven arrived from Galveston and discharged about 200 Bls Corn & left for Galveston again. The Str. Indian No. 2 dropped down to Cole's wood yard. Mrs. Massie is still here. My cough is still improving. Weather clear and cool.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thursday, March 15th, 1866

To day I am engaged at the Warehouse making out bills of lading and shipping freight. Hicks is engaged hauling. Mrs. Massie is still here. Roberta [Downes Halyard nee Hall] about the same, although able to go to school. The Steamer Col. Stell which has been lying here for some time left for the up river there now being a sufficient swell in the [Trinity] river to let her proceed. My cough is greatly improved. Weather variable and cool with a keen North wind blowing.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Wednesday, March 14th, 1866

To day we left the mouth of the [Trinity] river and run up to Liberty, at which place we arrived about sun down. I found all my folks well except Roberta [Downes Halyard nee Hall], who is about the same as I left her. I learned from the little woman [Margaret Hall Stewart nee Sharp] that Frank Stewart had left on the stage in route for Crockett on Thursday last. Mrs. Massie is still here and has been during my absence. Maj. Bolling came up with me from Galveston on a visit but found Col. Wrigley and family absent on a visit to Houston. Weather cloudy & cold with showers of rain throughout the entire day.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tuesday, March 13th, 1866

To day after settling my board bill to the Washington Hotel amounting to 8$ My medical bill 75$ and the various other bills which I had contracted amounting in all to 500$ in gold I left Galveston on the steamer Indian No. 2 in route for Liberty. We run across the bay and anchored at the mouth of the [Trinity] river for the night. My cough is much improved. Weather cloudy and cool with rain occasionally.