Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wednesday, December 21st, 1864

To day Sam Sharp and the boys went out a hog hunting but without any success. I half soled a pair of shoes for myself. Hicks ground 13 bushels of wheat & 15 bushels of corn. George Alford & Frank Ward stopped with me for the night. Weather clear & cold, with a hard frost at night.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tuesday, December 20th, 1864

To day the boys went out hog hunting & succeeded in getting one. I rode up to the school house and paid Bodenhamer my war taxes, also those of Sam Sharp. I had to advance upon Sharp's taxes or in other words loan him $256. I borrowed from T. R. Dailey $370 in old issue, which I am to pay back in new issue, with a discount of one third, or rather I am to pay him $246.00 in new issue. Father [Joshua James Hall] came up and took Toby [Horace Oscar Hall] home with him. Hicks ground 12½ bushels of wheat & 23 bushels of corn. Weather cloudy & cold with occasional showers of rain and sleet.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Monday, December 19th, 1864

To day the boys went out hog hunting, but as usual without any success. I made a pair of shoes for Toby [Horace Oscar Hall]. Hicks ground 15 bushels of wheat & 23 bushels of corn. Weather cloudy & cold with a hard rain all day & night, which raised the creek pretty high & gave me a good head of water.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sunday, December 18th, 1864

To day Mother [Mahala Sharp Hall nee Roberts] & Burt [Roberta Downes Halyard nee Hall] came up to see Sam [Samuel Houston Sharp] and remained for dinner. Weather cloudy & cool with a hard rain and very disagreeable.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Saturday, December 17th, 1864

To day the boys are at work hauling wood. Hicks ground 20 bushels of corn, and 3 bushels of wheat. Sam Sharp* arrived home from the Army on a 40 days furlough. He looks quite well but is sorely troubled with the itch. He lost my horse, Ratler, which is a heavy loss on me at this time particularly as another cannot be procured. Weather cloudy & warm with a hard rain at night.

*This Sam is a 2nd great-grandpa to the Keeper of this family history blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Friday, December 16th, 1864

To day the boys are at work chopping wood. I finished the shoes I was making for little Major [James Hall Sharp]. Toby [Horace Oscar Hall] is still here. Burt [Roberta Downes Halyard nee Hall] came up to bring some papers and letters. Hicks ground 20 bushels of corn & 3 bushels of wheat. Weather cloudy & warm with occasional light showers of rain.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thursday, December 15th, 1864

To day the boys are at work hauling wood. I am engaged in making little Major [James Hall Sharp] a pair of shoes. Toby [Horace Oscar Hall] came up and remained all night. My daughter Josephine [Josephine Martha Hall] attained the first anniversary of her birth day being just one year old. Weather changeable and warm.