Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 27th, 1860

To day Sam Sharp and I went ducking, and killed 4 ducks. Mother & Roberta came up and spent the day. John Harwell has entirely recovered. Bill at work at the yokes. weather cloudy & occasional showers of rain.


  1. FYI . . . Sam Sharp is my 2nd great-grandpa . . . and he is the brother-in-law as well as the step-brother of J.M. Hall . . . Mother is Sam's Mother, and my 3rd great-grandma, Mahala Lee Sharp Hall nee Roberts . . . she is also the step-mother as well as the mother-in-law of J.M. Hall . . .

  2. 150 years ago today . . . in the news . . . INDIANOLA [TX] COURIER, October 27, 1860, p.2, c.3. Correspondence of the Crisis.] Anti-Wide Awakes. Saluria, Texas, Oct. 10, 1860. Messrs. Editors:-- Feeling a deep and abiding interest in the wellbeing of the South and its institutions, and the perpetuity of the Union — hallowed by so many glorious achievements — founded upon integrity, honor, and a just regard to the equality and rights of the several States constituting it, and the feelings and prosperity of their citizens; entertaining an abhorrence of the rapine, murder, insurrection, pollution and incendiarism which have been plotted by the deluded and vicious of the North, against the chastity, laws and prosperity of innocent and unoffending citizens of the South; and regarding with irrepressible indignation and contempt, a threat conveyed in a speech recently delivered by W. H. Seward, of N. Y., in which he exults in the early advent of the "irrepressible conflict," (of which he is the arch instigator,) which he declares to be already on hand; congratulates the "Wide-Awakes" upon their timely organization, and exhorts them to maintain it until after the election; and believing that Lincoln is the chosen champion for this conflict and this organized Northern canaille for "repressing" and degrading the South; the undersigned respectfully submits to his fellow-citizens of Texas, the following propositions, commending them to the true men of the North and South. . . .


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