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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday, November 3rd, 1860

To day I sent Billy & Frank Stewart to town in my buggy. Wm. Lacy & Mr. Cunningham came to see me & took dinner. weather clear & warm.

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benotforgot said...

150 years ago today . . . in the news . . . SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], November 3, 1860, p. 2, c. 2. A Word of Caution. Let every Bell and Everett voter look well to his ticket before depositing it in the ballot box. Spurious tickets are already out, calculated to deceive the unwary. Be on your guard, therefore, against the fraud. Our opponents are determined to win at all hazards. The miserable Slidell dynasty must be perpetuated in the State, that the faithful of his clique may still enjoy the loaves and fishes. Refuse all proposals to "pair off," unless in case of absolute necessity, and then be sure that you contract with honorable parties, and ABOVE ALL — be at the polls early, and see that your neighbor is there also.