Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunday, April 7th, 1861

To day the steamer Ruthven arrived, and James Wrigley returned home from Galveston. The river rose 7 feet plumb water and the steamer Col. Stell started for the upper river with a large freight. I sold Melinda, Laura and Elisha for $1700. these negroes were the property of the little woman and I am indebted to her for the amt. of purchase money. I having ? it. I was busily engaged in writing up our correspondence. weather clear & warm.

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benotforgot said...

When the census was taken in 1860, the following individuals were listed as Slave Inhabitants in Houston County, Texas under the name Jas M Hall . . .

40-year-old female (Malinda?)
19-year-old male (Conny or Elisha?)
11-year-old male (Conny or Elisha?)
21 year-old female (Laura?)

24-year-old female
6-year-old female
3-year-old female