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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friday, May 16th, 1862

To day I went up town. Nothing doing in the way of business. The steamer Ruthven left for Galveston. Capt. James Wrigley won 3 sets of china at a little freeze out. One set he presented to the little woman and he also presented one set to Nellie*. weather changeable, with a hard rain at night and rather cool. [*Nellie is the 2nd great-grandma of the Keeper of this family history blog]

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benotforgot said...

freeze-out :: a variety of poker in which each player starts with an equal number of chips and no one is allowed to replanish his stock or to withdraw or loan any part of it. As soon as any player has lost his capital he is frozen out, and must retire from the game. The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: Supplement, 1910