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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tuesday, November 4th, 1862

To day I rode my horse Rat down to my friend Richard Cole's in company with a party of gentlemen for the express purpose of going out ducking which we did and had pretty fair success I having bagged fifteen. We returned to Cole's for dinner and I confess that I sat down to a splendid one, the time passing off very agreeably & pleasantly. We all returned home in the evening. Mr. A.B. Trowell left on the cars in route to Waul's legion in Mississippi & by whom I sent a letter to Captain Wrigley, notifying him of my intention to remove from Liberty up to my mill [i.e., to Houston County], where my family has been for the past five months. The boys are now busily engaged in digging potatoes. In the evening after Tea, I visited Charley Lunds and spent a pleasant time with him & his family. I then returned to my solitary abode to cogitate upon the past. weather clear & pleasant.

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