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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saturday, December 12th, 1863

To day the boys are at work on the stables. John is at work hauling wood. Capt. Peacock and I had a settlement for the rent of my house in Liberty which he is occupying. I paid him the freight bill on my furniture from Liberty to Hall's bluff which was brought up on the steamer Alamo which he was commander of her. The freight bill was 183$ but I deducted 50$ from it for lost articles. He then paid me $167 balance on rent & I receipted him in full for the current years rent of said house which expires on the 31st inst. He & Sam* [Samuel Houston Sharp] then left for Mr. Beavers'. I ground 20 bushels of corn. Nellie* [Mary Alexandrien Sharp nee Lemaire] rode my horse Hawk down to Mother's [Mahala* Sharp Hall nee Roberts] and spent the day. Sam* had no success in hunting hogs. Weather clear and cold with a hard frost at night.

*This Sam and Nellie are 2nd great-grandparents to the Keeper of this family history blog. Mahala is Sam's Mother.