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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tuesday, November 29th, 1864

To day the boys are at work hauling rails. I rode over to Mr. Keen's & to Mr. Dailey's in relation to the supplying the families of soldiers with subsistance for the next year. Mother [Mahala Sharp Hall nee Roberts] & Nellie [Mary Alexandrien Sharp nee Lemaire] called by as they returned from a visit to Mrs. Bird's. Hicks ground 2½ bushels of wheat and 16½ bushels of corn. Weather cloudy and warm with a light shower of rain.

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BeNotForgot said...

Crockett Quid Nunc
Volume 2 Number 14
November 29, 1864


The Editor of the Dallas Herald says he has no scissors and pens and no specie to buy them. He therefore asks some friends to lend him these articles until the war is over. We are in the same fix, being a little worse off -- we have no pocket knife. We will puff any person or persons who will lend us during the war or give us, a dozen pens or goosequills, a pair of scissors, or a pocketknife. Who wants a puff?


The following persons have been detailed and exempted in this county by conscript authorities:

Overseers: Platt, David; Lynch, D.L.; Harkins, J.M.; Little, Franklin; McCelvey, John H.; Davis, John A.; Hail, Wilson E.; Wigenton, U.B.; Perkins, J.T.

Stockraisers: Ashworth, David; Varnadore, J.C.

Wagonmakers: Jeans, J.A.; Vickery, E.L.; McCinney, W.A.

Millers: Craddock, H.F.; Penick, W.J.; Beckton, D.; Smith, J.A.; Hall, J.M.; Stokes, Chas.

Shoemakers: Leatherwood, W.P.; Zimmerman, J.C.; Furlow, W.R.; Ray, B.F.; Dickson, R.C

Blacksmiths: Menefee, Alexandria; Luce, A.F.; Heager, Jim; Butts, J.F.; McConnell, John

Spinning Wheel and Loom Makers: Sikes, J.A.J.; Julian, G.W.

Schoolteachers: Ellis, B.T.; Wieseneusky, T.

Physicians: Adair, W.W.

Farmers will sell the marketable provisions and grain now on hand to the Government or to the families of soldiers, at prices fixed by the commissioners of the State.

Wagonmakers, wheelwrights, showmakers, and blacksmiths will charge for their labor not more than at the rate of $7 per day, to which will be added the actual cost of the articles they may furnish.

Tanners will sell all their leather at the price fixed by the commissioners of this state.

Millers and owners of grist mills and sawmills will not take more than 1/8 as toll for grain ground in such mills and they will sell the surplus of the toll received (over support of their families) to the government, soldier's families, and indigent persons at the price fixed by the commissioners of this state and the owners of sawmills will sell their lumber at $2 per 100 feet.

Physicians will not charge the families of soldiers absent more than the customary rates before the War in said locality.

Said persons cannot sell to any persons any of the articles mentioned with the persons or persons wishing to purchase bring a certificate form the E. O. stating that they are entitled to purchase the amount and kind of supplies.

Thomas J. Calhoun, Capt. and E. O.
Houston County, Texas