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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tuesday, February 28th, 1865

To day John is engaged hauling wood. Hicks ground 4 bushels of corn & 6 bushels of wheat. The little woman [Margaret Hall Stewart nee Sharp] is at work weaving. Col. Billy Stewart left for Crockett. Two soldiers belonging to Brown's Regt. stopped for the night. Weather cloudy & cool. Thus closes my notes for the month of February.

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BeNotForgot said...

Crockett Quid Nunc
FEBRUARY 28, 1865


Com. Conscripts:

21 February 1865

We, the undersigned residents of Houston County, having understood with regret that our neighbor and friend, Dr. W.H. Edwards, has been reported to headquarters for some offense unknown to us, and should such be the fact, we would take pleasure in saying that Dr. Edwards has at all times been devoted to the Southern cause. It is well known to all who read the Crockett Quid Nunc that Dr. Edwards advertised that all officers and soldiers and their families should own him nothing since November last.


B. A. Massengale, M.D.; J.R. Simpson; L. E. Downes; J.F. Matchett, M.D.; J.P. Collins; T. Wieseneusky; R. N. Read; W. E. Wingfield, Clerk, District Court; Sylvester V. Hall; S. B. Lacy, Sheriff; W. A. Wherry; W.P. Simpson; F. V. Daniel; A. H. Casteel; W.H.B. Lacy; Peter Hardeman; A. T. Monroe; O. C. Aldrich; J.L. Lipscomb, M.D.; James A. Corley, M.D.; W. E. Haden; T.J. Stubblefield; M. Massengale; John Cook; J.M Odell, Chief Justice ; J.W. Wright; J.Y. Atmar; Wm. Wortham; J.R. Bracken; Z.C. Wilson; John Allen; J.C. Wootters; H. G. McDaniel; W.P. Leaverton; L. W. Cooper; John H. Burnett; D.M. Coleman; L.H. Wingfield; John Potts, J.P.; G.W.D. Hale; C. C. Shumate; C.C. Taylor; A.J. Dawson, M.D.; Wm. Taylor; W.B. Wall; W.A. Stewart; W.H. Moore; and S. A. Miller.