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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tuesday, February 7th, 1865

To day we are all at work on the mill levee. The creek is now falling and the levee is secure from further danger. Nellie* [Mary Alexandrien Sharp nee Lemaire] came up but did not remain long. Weather clear & cold with a frost & freeze at night.

*This Nellie is a 2nd great-grandma to the Keeper of this family history blog.

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BeNotForgot said...

Crockett Quid Nunc
Volume 2 Number 22
February 7, 1865


At about 10 o'clock Thursday night last, our neat brick courthouse was seen afire, the smoke and flames proceeding from the District Clerk's office. The alarm was given, and in a few minutes the ground was full of citizens and soldiers, who went faithfully to work, but the flames had got so far under headway that it was impossible to check them. Not a paper was saved from the District Clerk's office -- everything lost; nearly all the county records were lost. probate minutes and a few old unimportant books were saved.

Colonel W. A. Stewart lost his library but saved most of his valuable papers. The Enrolling Officer, Captain Calhoun saved most of his papers, and Captain W.E. Haden lost only a few government papers. Nothing was saved from upstairs. Many papers of the tax officers, together with all the county weights, measures, etc. were entirely destroyed.

The merchants and business portion of the town was only saved but by powerful exertions, and the rain which fell in the early part of the week had dampened the roofs.

The fire originated perhaps through the act of an incendiary, but it still might have occurred through carelessness or accident, and we caution our citizens to be very careful.


The concert and supper which came off Thursday and Friday nights last for the benefit of the hospital were well attended, the net proceeds amounting to over $3, 300. The concert was a complete success. Each performer acted his and her part well. The Brass Band of the 5th Texas Calvary charmed the audience with delightful music.

The supper at Mrs. Hall's Hotel was truly a magnificent affair -- pig, turkey, ham, cake, 'taters, custard, and GENUINE coffee -- everything!

Everybody got plenty. before and after supper, those who felt inclined to "tip the light fantastic toe" had a nice time upstairs. Everything passed off "merry as a marriage bell."

The proceeds are in the hands of Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Judge Taylor, and Mrs. Matlock, and will be properly expended in behalf of the sick soldiers. The trustees of the Methodist Church and Mrs. Hall deserve special thanks.


Dr. W.H. Edwards has just received a fresh supply of drugs. His office is located on the Blair and Wingfield corner.