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Friday, May 1, 2015

Monday, May 1st, 1865

To day early in the morning we arrived at Liberty and found the river falling very fast. The Mary Hill also arrived about 12 O'ck. M. I received a letter from home being the first since I left there. I again went up to Capt. Peacock's. Weather clear and pleasant.

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BeNotForgot said... . . . On May 1, 1865, a passenger on a steamer heading up the Rio Grande towards Brownsville tossed a copy of the New Orleans Times to some Confederates at Palmito Ranch. The paper contained the news of Lee's surrender, Lincoln's death, and the surrender negotiations between Johnston and Sherman. Within the next ten days several hundred rebels left the army and went home. Those who remained were as resolute as their commanders to continue the fight in Texas. . . .