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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wednesday, May 3rd, 1865

To day I am still in Liberty and stopping with Capt. Peacock. In the evening I went down to Richard Cole's with several other gentlemen and spent the night there. We had a pleasant time. Weather clear and warm.

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BeNotForgot said...

May 3, 1865, p. 1, c. 4

Ed. Texas Republican:-- An effective army must be well fed, clothed and paid. This proposition is so well established, that it needs no argument to demonstrate.

The Government has already fed and equipped our armies, and can continue to do so to a final and successful termination of the war.

The friends and relatives of the soldiers in the field, have heretofore clad them in the Trans-Mississippi Department. They can and will continue to do so, as our social and political existence depends on a continuation of these efforts.

The pay of the army in this Department is then the sine qua non, without which its future usefulness and efficiency seems to be greatly impaired. . . W. R. D. Ward.

May 3, 1865, p. 1, c. 1

Col. H. B. Andrews stepped into our office yesterday, on his return from another trip into the country, where he has been several times in the discharge of the duty devolved upon him of procuring supplies for the poor of Galveston.

He informs us that he has found our planters very liberal, knowing, as they do, the utter destitution of the poor of Galveston, and the fact that the war has rendered all the property in the city nearly valueless.

Col. A. has procured about 5000 bushels of corn, and a proportional supply of bacon and other country products. He has also obtained quite a liberal supply of fabrics from the Penitentiary.