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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saturday, August 26th, 1865

To day I worked a little in the garden, although I am still suffering with a boil & the itch. I drove up town and borrowed from Mr. Lund the sum of fifteen dollars. I also had a settlement with him for hauling some things up the Country for Mr. Green. In said settlement I paid him for the bacon, lard and soap heretofore purchased from him. I purchased from Mr. Bristley 5 lbs of candles for which I paid him the cash. I also paid him for the pound of candles I got from him on the 19th inst. The little woman [Margaret Hall Stewart nee Sharp] purchased from Mr. Jackson 17 lbs of beef for which I still owe him. Weather variable with occasional showers of rain. Ther: 78°.

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