Friday, October 16, 2015

Monday, October 16th, 1865

To day I commenced clerking for James Wrigley in his warehouse at a salary of $? per day ? if I remain as much as a month then at ?$ per Month. William Leaverton and my sister Roberta [Roberta Downes Halyard nee Hall] arrived from the up County [Houston County] on the stage and put up with me. Roberta is to go to school. They left all my relatives well. William Leaverton left on the cars for sour lake. I purchased from ? Cass & ? 21 sacks of Cotton at ? a/c of Col. Wrigley. I ? letters from the up Country by Mr. Leaverton. Weather ? warm. [I have a bad copy of this page - will fill in the missing words later.]

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