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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday, October 20th, 1860.

To day Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Leaverton, Father and the 2 children came to see the little woman and the new responsibility. all remained to dinner, after which they all went home & Rachael came to to nurse the little woman. Still at work on the garden screen. weather clear & warm in the day but cold at night with a hard frost.

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benotforgot said...

150 years ago today . . . in the news . . . SOUTHERN FIELD AND FIRESIDE [AUGUSTA, GA], October 20, 1860, p.173, c.1. Chewing Gum. Trifling as the subject may appear, yet it is of importance. If it is of importance to have sound teeth in middle life and old age, proper precaution muse be used in childhood. The habit of chewing gum is like applying small air-pumps to the bases of the teeth. When the gum is separated from the teeth, it forms a vacuum between itself and the teeth, and the consequence is a violent strain on the dental nerves. Bad results may not show themselves immediately, but the boy or girl who indulges in the habit may calculate on having rotten teeth when in the prime of life. Nor is this all. The habit, like tobacco-chewing, induces an unnatural flow of the humours toward the mouth, where it must be ejected as saliva. This is bad enough when it can be ejected; but when from sickness or other causes the habit must be discontinued, the result may be, and no doubt has been, fatal.