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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 16th, 1861

To day we left Mason's old stand, and drove over a road off of the same piece we had on yesterday and if any odds a little more damaged for 22 miles and stoped at Grand Cane for the night, at which place Frank Stewart overtook us in the stage?. I loaned Frank fifty cents, and after supper he started on the stage for Liberty. weather cloudy & cold. expenses of the day $3.50.


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1861 Harper's Weekly
Saturday, March 16, 1861

THE FORTS IN TEXAS. WE publish on page 172, from views furnished by a draughtsman in the employ of the General Government, pictures of the three principal forts in Texas, which, according to the latest advices, have just been surrendered by General Twiggs to the secessionists. In connection with the event, we may mention that one of the last acts of the late Administration was the dismissal of General Twiggs from the army for treason.

FORT DAVIS, the head-quarters of the Eighth Infantry, is on the San Antonio and San Diego mail route. It is situated in a canon of the Lympia Mountains, 120 miles from the City of Presidio del Norte, on the Rio Grande, and about 500 miles from San Antonio, Texas. It is in the midst of the country of the Mescularo Apaches; and the garrison at different times has done good service in checking the Comanches in their plundering expeditions into Mexico, and chastising the Apaches for their thieving propensities. The scenery here is very beautiful ; the immense rocks which form the sides of the canon tower up 500 or 600 feet. It is not known yet whether the Texan troops have made any demonstration on this post.

FORT ARBUCKLE, which is said to have been recently seized by the Texan troops, protects the northern frontier of that State from the forays of the Comanches. It is situated on the Indian Re-serve, and is, or was, garrisoned by detachments from the First Cavalry and one company First Infantry regiments. It is named after the late General Arbuckle, of the army. Captain Prince commands the post; Captain Sacket, Captain Beal, First-Lieutenants Stockton, Crittenden, and Powell, Second-Lieutenants Offley and Fish compose the Staff.

FORT WACHITA, situated on the Reserve, sixty miles southeasterly from Arbuckle, at latest dates was also said to have been seized by the Texan troops. It was, or is, garrisoned by two companies First Cavalry, Captain Carr; commander, Captain Wood. It was near here, in October, 1858, that Major Earl Van Dorn encountered and utterly routed the Comanches in a pitched battle.

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