Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday, July 24th, 1863

To day the boys are still at work splitting rails to finish enclosing the mill field. Nellie [Mary Alexandrien Sharp nee Lemaire] & John missed their fevers and are recovering. My son James [James Wrigley Hall] is still sick and so is Jemima. I missed my chill & fever. the house does not look quite so gloomy as on yesterday. Fawn [Florence Mahala Hall] missed her fever and with a little care will soon recover. Sam [Samuel Houston Sharp] started on my horse Gladiator for Huntsville to attend to the procuring of some domestic from the Penitentiary. Mother [Mahala Sharp Hall nee Roberts] & Roberta [Hall] came up to see the sick. Mother remained all night but Roberta went home. I ground 12 bushels of corn. weather changeable and hot with indications of rain. Ther: 96°.

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