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Monday, February 2, 2009

Review of Hall's Journal - Part Eight

The Houston County Courier
Crockett, Texas
Thursday, February 2, 1967

Hall's Journal of 60's
Reviewed For Readers

By H. B. Milburn

War Items

The pages vividly give the recruiting of the citizens to serve in the Civil War; and other incidences pertaining to the war prove most interesting. HALL writes of Captain TURNER and artillery company, Capt. WRIGLEY, and his company of "Liberty Guards," Capt. Leon SMITH, Capt. John REDMAN, Capt. STOVALL and his company from Jasper County, Capt. STUBBLEFIELD, Capt. James A. SCRUGGS and company from Polk County; Capt. E. B. PICKETT with his cavalry corps, E. L. JONES, a recruiter; and Dr. CORLEY.

There were others mentioned, too, such as Capt. J. T. SMITH, Lt. BARLOW, Mr. BOON, a soldier belonging to Gen. I. WHARTON's headquarters who came out to the Mill with 10 bushels of wheat to be ground; and there was also mention of Capt. Frank HARDIN, John SMITH. HARDEMAN's Brigade "that camped on the Elk Hart for the past six or seven weeks and left for Tennessee Colony in Anderson County" and there was mention of Capt. ROSE and Capt. O'DELE.

Capt. John S. HALL was commander of the company of the 2nd Regiment, First Brigade of Texas Mounted Volunteer Riflemen, the militia commanded by Col. George P. WOOD and this record with the muster roll appears in James Madison HALL's Journal.

The record discloses that the militia, commanded by Col. George P. WOOD was ordered into service the 31st day of August, 1846. The names of commissioned, non-commissioned, musicians and enlistees were named in the Muster Roll as follows:

  • John S. HALL, Captain
  • George ENGLISH, 1st Lieutenant
  • William B. YOUNG, 2nd Lt.
  • James M. HALL, 1st Sgt.
  • Samuel A. BURTON, 2nd Sgt.
  • John A. MONCRIEF, 3rd Sgt.
  • John P. SANDERS, 1st Sgt.
  • Robert DICKSON, 1st Cpt.
  • Thomas HAYS, 2nd Cpt.
  • Joseph BURNAM, 3rd Cpl.
  • George B. LACY, 4th Cpl.


  • Thomas A. ADAMS
  • Wm. F. ALLISON
  • Wm. A. BROWN
  • Benj. H. BRACKEN
  • Jefferson G. BROWN
  • Thompson BROWN
  • Presides O. BEALL
  • Henry C. CONNER
  • Alexander F. DANIELS
  • James M. DANIELS
  • Daniel N. DAILEY
  • John ENGLISH
  • Jessee B. EVANS
  • Adolphus H. ELLINGTON
  • Henry R. GREEN
  • William H. GILLISPIE
  • John S. HOWELL
  • Samuel S. HINTON
  • Benjamin H. HODGES
  • William V. HALL
  • John HENRY
  • John A. HARPER
  • Benjamin B. LIKENS
  • John P. LIKENS
  • Joseph C. LOPEZ
  • Joseph A. MILLER
  • William H. MORSE
  • Truman S. NEWMAN
  • Jessie R. PARKER
  • Nathaniel PARKER
  • John A. RHOADES
  • Elinton A. RICE
  • James F. RENEAU
  • George SHORTT
  • James M. TEAGUE
  • Thomas WILLIAMS
  • Samuel WINGATE
  • Robert A. WALKER
  • Erwin WEBB, and
  • Levi WHITE

It has been my pleasure to give our readers a brief review of this Journal. It is actually with regret that I must bring this to a close. But first, there are seven additional items that just must be mentioned to make this, in a manner, complete:

As we turned the pages, we noticed that on "Sunday, June 29th, 1863" HALL wrote "Today the Steamer Ruthven came up from Galveston. Frank HITCHCOCK arrived and brought me a find present.-- we had some fine music ON THE BANDOLINE, the first instrument of this kind that I ever saw!"

"Monday, June 30, 1862:"-- Capt. FRANKLIN returned from Smith's point, on my horse "Rat," he seemed somewhat jaded from his travel. Weather clear and hot. This being the hottest day of the summer.

To be continued . . .