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Monday, February 2, 2009

Review of Hall's Journal - Part Two

The Houston County Courier
Crockett, Texas
Thursday, February 2, 1967

Hall's Journal of 60's
Reviewed For Readers

By H. B. Milburn

Note This

It seems that Joshua J. HALL also kept a diary, which he kept from 1848 to 1854. It is hoped that, in Time, a copy of THIS diary will soon be placed in our Houston County Library, if one is still in existance.

With this introduction of The HALLS -- let's get back to some of the contents found in "A Journal of the Civil War Period" by James Madison HALL.

The Journal, beautifully bound in brown leather, with lettering done in gold, is a masterpiece of information about people who lived in Houston County, at Hall's Bluff, and surrounding counties. To be sure, not ALL of our hometown early settlers will be mentioned, but quite a host of people are mentioned to make the Journal a very desirable one to read. It makes good material to do research in. The pages show authentically copied pages of the originals, these pages having been Zeroxed.

To be continued . . .