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Monday, February 2, 2009

Review of Hall's Journal - Part Nine

The Houston County Courier
Crockett, Texas
Thursday, February 2, 1967

Hall's Journal of 60's
Reviewed For Readers

By H. B. Milburn

Deaf Smith Dies

"Thursday, July 22, 1862," HALL wrote "Today I rode my horse "Rat" down the river in company with CLAY STONE to the residence of Dick COLE, where I remained for dinner, and spent a very agreeable time. The remains of Old Deaf SMITH were buried with Masonic Honors. The boys were engaged all day in digging the grave for the old man and with assisting at his burial. Weather hot. Thermometer 99 degrees.

Note this: A recent biography of "The Nine Lives of Death Smith" speaks of "Deaf" Smith as: "a leader in the Battle of San Antonio, and one who was admired by General Burleson, Jim Bowie, and Will Travis. He was later a private spy and scout for Sam Houston." [sic -- the "Deaf" Smith who died in 1862 is not the well-known "Deaf" Smith (1787-1837).]

"Thursday, July 24, 1862" HALL entered this: "Today Charley LUND and I, at the request of Mrs. WRIGLEY, examined the papers belonging to deaf SMITH and among them we found his last will and testament by which he bequeathed everything he had to Mrs. James WRIGLEY. I am engaged in the office." (county tax collector-accessor office) "Captain BOLLING left on the cars for Houston."

The Journal is a powerhouse for information. To get the full enjoyment of all that it contains of interest, you will have to read it for yourself. It is on the shelves of our Houston County Library, and you can see it there. We are indeed grateful to Mrs. BROWNLOW and Robert L. HALL for presenting our Houston County Library such a treasure-house of information found in the Journal.