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Friday, March 12, 2010

Monday, March 12th, 1860

To day I purchased in Crockett 2 hoes, 1 rake and some other articles which I sent home by Dick. In the evening I purchased my bay horse Mustapha at public out cry on a 12 months credit for the sum of $124.75 for which I executed my note with W.A. Stewart as my security payable to S.A. Miller who sold the horse. At home still planting corn, with 2 plows running. I also gave my note to Isaac Adair for the sum of $120 for costs in sundry cases. Weather clear and pleasant.

Crockett Argus, began publication in 1857. John C. Hepperla, publisher, died of typhoid fever at Camp McLeod, Va., in 1861. His office was located on the SW corner of the public square and he shared with W. A. Stewart and James M. Hall, who owned the building. Hepperla favored H.R. Runnels for governor in 1857, and opposed Sam Houston. "Come Now and Let Us Reason Together" was this paper's motto.